Farm solar maintenance is a large task, we would like you to know our scope of work and what it consist of. Here at Start 2 Finish we specialized in keeping your solar farm clean from the ground up with the help of our partners in the solar industry. We also keep vegetation down, road ways cleared. The outside of the fence area we keep clean. We also keep your solar panels clean so you  get the best reflection possible which means more power to you and savings.

Our team of partners are train to work in high hazard areas. Since we service during the months of April thru November or until the first rain comes, we are happy to continue services during the months of December thru April if requested to keep vegetation knock down before summer. We understand some of the farm solar panels are located around farm animals and we make sure not to used any solutions that would hurt or contaminate the farm water.

We also work along with electrical companies that provide additional maintenance on all electrical related wiring and panel insulation if requested.

We are happy to meet with you to discuss the possibility of making arrangements for our services. Please give us a call or come on by.